Coyloup is a progressive folk trio comprised of Colin Savoie-Levac (guitar, vocals), Anna Lindblad (fiddles) and Kevin Joaquin Garcia (percussion).

Coyloup draws from their individual backgrounds to combine Swedish and Quebecois traditional music with a percussion style developed over years in New York City. Original compositions and electric effects meld these folk styles together to create a fresh interesting addition to the folk world.

The trio met while playing together in Canadian folk band the Duhks in 2015. Pretty soon the idea of a side project was formed and now the trio has recorded their selftitled debut album.

The name Coyloup was chosen because these animals lurk around the studio where the album was recorded. They are a crossbreed between wolf and coyote, an image that mirrors the trios music… Music that is a crossbreed of all their different influences and backgrounds, and sort of like a wild beast at times!