Anna Lindblad

Contemporary Fiddle Tradition With An Infectiosly Positive Attitude.

Anna Lindblad is a versatile fiddler from Sweden. Her powerfull fiddle playing is characterized by her groove, joy and presence. Anna is just as oldfashioned as she is innovative and with a nod to the tradition she brings her music forward, blending all her diverse musical interests into a very special voice that’s all her own. With a heart beating for Swedish tradition she is not afraid to mix it up with other musical ways of expression. Besides her Swedish fiddling she also plays Québecois, Irish, Cajun and Old-time tunes, always with a smile and a contagiously positive attitude and spirit.

”Some things in music stands out as more important to me. Like presence, hearing, playfulness and joy. Anna Lindblad is an excellent ambassador of these, not only when playing her fiddle, but also in her personality. She makes me smile. Every time.”
-Roger Tallroth – guitarist /Sweden

”Anna Lindblad is one of the most glowing stars amongst the younger generation of folk musicians. She has the uniqe ability to combine elegance with an unruly primordial force. That, accoding to me, is what characterizes the really great instrumentalists.
Thank you Anna, for all the beutiful music!”
-Micke Marin – fiddler / Sweden

She is a MONSTER on the fiddle and can nail anything you care to throw at her!!!
-Ewan MacPherson – Musician / Scotland

”Anna Lindblad is a strong fiddle player with a solid rhythmical drive”
Harald Haugaard, fiddler / Denmark

“Anna Lindblad is one of the finest of young fiddlers playing traditional music today. Her music, always full of heart and rhythmic verve, is steeped in the traditions of her home region in Sweden, but also deeply informed by the fiddle repertoire of Quebec and Ireland, as well as American old-time music. She is simply a joy to dance to!!”
-Nic Gareiss – percussive dancer / USA

”Anna is one of the most versatile fiddle players to come out of Sweden, she is equally at home playing trad Swedish, Irish or old-time music and is a professional, strong, confident player who is really fun and very easy to work with!”
-Ewan MacPherson – Musician / Scotland